Each party package includes invitations, paper goods for all guests (plates, cups, napkins, utensils), a water bottle for the birthday child, and a personal party host to take care of all your party needs.
Optional add-ons to your party package include drinks, helium balloons, and party favors.

You should plan to bring a cake or other birthday treats.  You are allowed to bring food and snacks for your guests and other decorations you may want for your time in our party room. 

Below are some frequently asked questions that may help you plan your party:

(Q) When should I arrive for my party?
(A) We suggest arriving 5-10 minutes before your party is scheduled to start. You’ll want enough time to bring your party items into our facility and check in with your party host. Please note that children will not be able to start playing until your scheduled party start time.

(Q) What is the general timeline for the party? When can I start decorating the party room?
(A) Your party will start with one hour of play time where you and your guests will be in our café area and on the play floor. During that time you are welcome to visit with guests and play with kids in our play area. We will store your party supplies in bins for the first 30-45 minutes of your party.  Once the party room is sanitized from the party before yours, you are welcome to help decorate and set up or you can leave that to your party host and continue to enjoy time with guests. In your private party room, you will have 45 minutes. We have found that it takes about 15 minutes to do one activity for that average-size party. For example, food will take 15 minutes, cake will take 15 minutes and opening presents will take 15 minutes.

(Q) Do you have a refrigerator/freezer to store food items?
(A) We do have a refrigerator and can store your cake and/or other food items there during your play time. We do not have a freezer for ice cream but have stored ice cream in our fridge for other parties and it has been ready to eat by the time your party goes into the party room.

(Q) What is your food policy?
(A) You are welcome to bring in food and drink items for your guests to enjoy at no extra charge.  Please note that we do not have warming ovens for food heat bags to store food.  Alcohol is not allowed in our facility.

(Q) Can I bring in decorations?

(A) Yes! While our party rooms are colorful, they are not birthday party specific. Simple decorations are best, such as tablecloths and banners. You are welcome to bring balloons, or you can purchase helium balloons from us (we have plain-colored latex balloons available). Please, no confetti, glitter, silly string, or piñatas.

(Q) What if more children come to the party than I expected?

(A) We can easily add more children to your party. Each additional child is $11.00, which we will add to your final bill. If you have guests who want siblings to come that you don’t want to be added to your party cost, they are welcome to pay the $11.00 for kids to play during the first hour of your party.

(Q) Are kids able to go back and play after our time in the party room is over?
(A) Sorry, no.  Once your party leaves the play area and enters the party room, our staff will clean the play equipment and cafe for the next party.  After your time in the party room, we ask that everyone exits through the side exit door in the party room to avoid mixing with guests from the incoming party.

(Q) What age children count towards my party total?
(A) Children ages 8 and under are welcome to play at our facility and will count towards your party total. Older children are welcome to attend the party but will not be able to play on our play floor. Infants and adults do not count towards your party total.



Pitcher of Soda $5.95 each
Additional Children $11.00 each
Individual Juice Box $0.60 each
LMB Water Bottle (empty) $2.10 each
LMB Water Bottle (with surprise inside) $3.00 each
Balloons $1.25 (1) | $6.50 (6) | $11.50 (12) | $18.50 (20) | $21.50 (24)

* Unscheduled or walk-in parties are NOT allowed.
* No alcohol is allowed on the premises.

* A $100 deposit is due at the time of booking and will be applied to the balance of your party. A portion of the deposit is refundable up to 21 days from the date of your party.  No refunds will be made if it is within 21 days from the date of your party.

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